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Mancozeb·Myclobutanil 62.5%WP

Mancozeb (60%)+ Myclobutanil (2.5%)

• Features: Mancozeb is the compound of Maneb and zinc ion, is organic sulfur type of protective bactericide, it can restrain the oxidization of pyruvic acid in bacteria to kill bacteria . Myclobutanil is azole type of Bactericide , is the demethylation inhibitor of sterol, with systemic poisoning capacity and broad spectrum. ,
Recommended Target and uses:

62.5%Mancozeb·Myclobutanil WP can be used in prevention and therapy of Vegetable downy mildew, anthracnosa and brown spot.
1. blight, anthracnosa, leaf spot of tomato, eggplant and potato, 62.5%Mancozeb·Myclobutanil WP 400-600 times of diluted solution, spray for 3-5 times at the early of disease.
2. damping off of Vegetable at seedling stage, 62.5%Mancozeb·Myclobutanil WP , mix with seed, the dosage is 0.1-0.5% of seed weight.
3. downy mildew, anthracnosa, brown spot of melon, 400-500 times of diluted solution and spray , spray for 3-5 times.
4. downy mildew of Chinese cabbage and cabbage, spot disease of celery, 500600 times of diluted solution and spray , spray for 3-5 times.
5. anthracnosa and red spot disease of kidney bean, 400-700 times of diluted solution and spray , spray for 2-3 times.

• Identification chart


cucumber downy mildew

tomato blight

brown spot


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