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6% Tebuconazole FS

25G Tebuconazole

•Features: 6% Tebuconazole can be used in seed treatment to prevent the diseases caused by Erysiphe, Puccinia, Colisporites, Pyrenophora and Septoria bacteria

• Crops: Wheat, barley, oat, maize, sorghum, rye .
Target: Wheat purples, Wheat Rhizoctonia solani , Wheat full rot, Wheat stinking rust , maize head smut, sorghum head smut, barley purples, barley Rhizoctonia solani, and so on.
Recommended Application: 6% Tebuconazole can be used in mechanical seed dressing only.

Dosage: Wheat: 33.33~50ml (active assay 2~3g)/100kg seeds.
maize, sorghum: 133.33~200ml (active assay 8~12g)/100kg seeds.

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