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Hexaconazole (3%) isoprothiolane (27%)30%EC
(prevent 3 disease, increase output and income)


Trademark: Fumile (TM)

• Features: It is one kind of brand-new bactericide developed by Japan Pesticide Co., Ltd. and our company, with the poisoning functions of system, penetration and conduction,
• Packing: 30ML 200bags 80ML 50bottles 400ML 20bottles
Recommended Application:

Times of application


Suitable season


First time

rice blast (therapy)
Rhizoctonia solani (prevention)

Suitable season

60-80 ML/mu

Second time

Rhizoctonia solani (therapy)
green smut (prevention)

5-7days before breach

60-80 ML/mu

Third time

panicle blast (therapy)

full heading time

60-80 ML/mu

• Identification chart


rice blast

Rhizoctonia solani

green smut



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